Bio – Bob Pliskin

“I was born in 1930

…in the East Bronx, and lived there until 1942, when we moved to Manhattan. Very fortunately for me early in my childhood, my mother and her sisters and brothers bought land and built cottages in a summer colony in Putnam County. Summers spent there throughout my childhood and adolescence had a deep influence. I attribute to those summer experiences my interests in nature, and especially in topography. I became a teacher of geology, found my means of expression in photography, and ultimately became a photography teacher.”

”I retired from teaching in 1990

…and was free to devote my time to photography, (especially landscape photography) to my heart’s content.” Since 1997 I’ve concentrated on the digital darkroom because I find image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop to be so much fun. Although initially working only in black-and-white, the digital darkroom has inspired me to work in color as well.


: NYC public schools, BS Columbia University (major: Geology), MA  New York Institute of Technology (Communication Arts).


: Teaching Earth Science in NYC high schools, Geology at CCNY, Photography at DeWitt Clinton High School and Bronx High School of Science.

Other professional activities

: Book jacket illustration, fact checking earth science texts.

Creative pursuit

: Photography; initially black-and-white darkroom work, specializing in landscape photography; currently, digital photography in color and black-and-white.


The Ground Glass Newsletter, covering most aspects of photography, for The Ground Glass, Inc., an organization of photographers who live in and around Westchester County, NY.